Meet our mascot, Ace

Ace is the perfect embodiment of our core company values: Assurance, Comfort, and Efficiency.


One of our top priorities for our customers is to be assured that all our technicians are trustworthy. You
can have peace of mind knowing we carefully select the right technician for your specific needs.


Ace ensures our customers can take comfort knowing Allegiance is a family owned and operated business that
wants to best serve the local community. Our technicians are licensed journeymen with continuous
manufacturing training. Your comfort is how we measure our success.


Lastly, Ace helps us focus on efficiency. We understand your time is valuable, so we take pride in showing
up when we say we’re going to. Our technicians are also well trained and able to get the job completed
thoroughly and quickly. Your time is money, we treat it as such.

Ace truly represents our core values at Allegiance and enables us to provide
comfort and efficiency to all our customers.

Project Ace

Project Ace is a new outreach program to give back to Veterans.

Now that we’ve introduced Ace, let’s talk about Project Ace. Project Ace is a new outreach
program to give back to Veterans. While no amount of money or words can adequately represent how
thankful we are to each and every Veteran, Project Ace is an opportunity to attempt to express our

Several times a year we will be giving away an HVAC unit to a local Veteran. We are leaving
it up to the community to nominate a deserving Veteran. These men and women have sacrificed milestones
with their families, lost their fellow service members, experienced tragedies that will forever be
etched into their minds, all so we can breathe freely. Providing these Veterans with the comfort of heat
in the Winter and air conditioning in the Summer is just one step we can take to say thank you for all
the discomfort they went through for us. If you know a deserving Veteran please contact us at 812-902-1116.