Are Your Commercial Needs in the Right Hands?

Are frigid temperatures or sweltering heat slowing your business down? It may be time to contact Allegiance Heating & Air, LLC for repair, installation, or maintenance. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your business is essential to a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment.When customers are uncomfortable, they aren’t likely to stick around for long. If your employees can’t relax, it’s difficult to focus on their daily tasks. Maintaining a comfortable temperature can also protect your office equipment, products, and inventory. We help businesses across and around the New Albany, IN area to ensure their office, storefront, warehouse, or commercial buildings are kept comfortable all year long.

Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Units

Commercial HVAC for your business or company facility is significantly different than the HVAC system in your home. Because commercial systems carry a much larger workload, the machines are significantly larger and may be installed with multiple units working together.

For this reason, your system should only be repaired, replaced, or maintained by a commercial HVAC company that can take care of you, so you can take care of business.

Commercial HVAC Repair

New Albany, IN, businesses like banks, schools, factories, retail stores, shopping centers, and churches carry a lot of responsibility to keep their customers, patrons, and employees comfortable year-round. If you get to work and the office is freezing, or you’re sweating in your office mid-day, these are fairly obvious signs it’s time to call a commercial HVAC company to check into your system.

However, there are more subtle signs to look for that your system may need some attention from a New Albany, IN, commercial HVAC company. For example:
  • The air conditioner won’t turn on.
  • There’s noise or excessive vibration during air conditioner startup or operation.
  • The unit hums, but the fan doesn’t operate.
  • The fan runs, but the compressor has stopped working.
  • The air conditioner system is blowing warm air.
  • There’s water pooling around the air conditioner.

Sometimes these subtle signs are easy to miss or disregard in the hustle and bustle of everyday business, but these small warnings are important indicators that your HVAC system needs maintenance from a commercial HVAC company. Without paying attention to these small warnings, you could end up with a much larger HVAC repair down the road. When caught early, most HVAC repairs are quick and can be completed within one day with little or no downtime.

Some of the most common HVAC repairs we fix regularly include:
No power: If one day your A/C turns on and the next it won’t, you may have faulty wiring or tripped breakers. These are two reasons why you suddenly lose all power to your air conditioner. It may also be simply that your system has overheated and shut itself off. Our commercial HVAC repair and service technicians in New Albany, IN And Surrounding Areas, address the causes of these issues, get you back up and running, and take measures to prevent the issue from recurring.
Defective compressor: If your fan is operating but the air exiting your vents feels warm, it typically indicates a faulty compressor. As this is an expensive component, it is best to discuss your repair versus replacement options with one of our professional commercial HVAC company technicians.
Frozen evaporator coil: Are you getting warm air in the middle of July? This is a sign of a frozen evaporator coil. Frozen coils are a result of low refrigerant levels, poor circulation, or continuous operation without a break. A professional commercial HVAC company can diagnose the problem, solve the issue, and prevent it from happening in the future. This may include moving your unit, refilling the refrigerant, creating a more efficient cooling system, or providing relief equipment.
Worn-out fan belt: A squeal, squeak, or squawk from your system is usually a sign of an internal issue. A worn-out fan belt is the most common. Caught early, this is a simple repair to replace the belt. A commercial HVAC company can complete it in a few hours. However, if left unattended, the belt will eventually snap, resulting in significantly more extensive (and expensive) repairs. Our technicians are well versed in replacing worn-out fan belts.
Refrigerant leak: If your A/C sounds like it’s blowing air through a straw, it could be a refrigerant leak. This is a hissing-like sound that drains your system and can damage your environment. Refrigerant is necessary to cool the air, but it’s a hazardous substance when leaked. A qualified commercial HVAC company will repair the leak and recharge your system.
Defective fan motor: The operating fan in your unit is responsible for circulating the air. If your fan motor is failing or broken, the air becomes stagnant and stale. A fan motor is vital to efficient HVAC operation. If your fan motor is not working as it should, a repair or replacement from a commercial HVAC company is vital.
Clogged condensate drains: This can be a tricky one to diagnose, but if you notice your office smells a little like a fish tank, you might have a clogged condensate drain. This is when algae, insects, dirt, and debris collect in the drains, resulting in leaks and water damage. A certified commercial HVAC company technician can flush your system and prevent future clogs by applying an algaecide to the condensate drain.

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Do I Need to Install a New unit at My Business

Generally, your HVAC unit will tell you when it’s tired, old, and needs to be replaced. It will stop performing at the level you expect, present you with consistent and ongoing issues, or simply quit all on its own.

Paying attention to what your HVAC system is saying can help you prepare for a future replacement. When considering replacing your commercial HVAC unit, there are clear indicators you should look for.
  • Getting Older – The average lifespan for an HVAC system is 10-15 years. The EPA recommends replacing systems that are 15 years and older simply because of efficiency improvements. Older systems work harder, produce less, and cause higher energy bills.
  • High Maintenance – If you have your HVAC technician on speed dial, and repair cost(s) add up to more than 1/3 the value of a replacement heating system, a replacement unit may be your best option.
  • Noisy Neighbor – Your HVAC unit should be a silent partner; if it is causing a fuss and making noise, it’s trying to tell you something.
  • Temperature Fluctuations – Uneven temperatures throughout your business are a good indication that your system is on the fritz.
  • Gold Digger – Older units are expensive to maintain. You can save significant money on your monthly bills by upgrading to a newer unit.
  • Any Safety Concern – Safety issues with your HVAC system should always be taken seriously. If you notice significant cracks or holes in your heating and cooling system, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Replacing a commercial HVAC unit is not a weekend DIY project. You should always hire a professional commercial HVAC company in New Albany, IN And Surrounding Areas, to handle large or multiple units. This ensures the safety of your business facility, your employees, and your customers. If you are needing to install a rooftop HVAC system, it is also beneficial to get a commercial roofing contractor to inspect the roof to ensure it can support the system.

Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Units

As a business owner, you don’t have time to worry about if your HVAC unit is working or not. The best way to ensure reliable service from your unit is to provide ongoing maintenance regularly. Allegiance Heating & Air, LLC is a commercial HVAC company that takes care of your heating and cooling so you can focus on business.

Our commercial HVAC company Maintenance Program ensures your system gets the routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs it needs without you having to put another thing on your to-do list. Based in Greenville, IN And Surrounding Areasdiana we are proud to serve both large and small businesses throughout Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY, areas.

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Find a Commercial HVAC Contractor Near Me

Your customers don’t want to shop in a store that’s too stuffy or hot or freeze to death while trying to sit down at a restaurant. Allow Allegiance Heating & Air, LLC to work for you! Our professional commercial HVAC company contractors are trained, highly skilled, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all those in and around the New Albany, IN, area.

Although we’re based in Greenville, IN And Surrounding Areas, we’re proud to serve the following areas: New Albany, Jeffersonville, Sellersburg, Clarksville, Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, and Corydon as well as the Louisville, KY, area and more.

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