Are Your Air Conditioning Needs in The Right Hands?

Summers in New Albany, IN can range from a pleasant afternoon with sweet tea and sunshine to unbearable sweltering heat waves that keep you inside for days. Combine those temperature swings with extreme humidity, and it’s easy to see why Summers in New Albany, IN, rely on a dependable air conditioner.

Signs of An Air Conditioner Repair

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s time to call in a professional or whether it’s a simple air conditioner repair you can do yourself. If you’re noticing any of these signs, the best choice is to call us and have a reliable New Albany, IN, HVAC service technician stop by your home to check and see if you need an air conditioner repair:

Warm Air: This is exactly the opposite of what you want from your air conditioner in the Summer. Sometimes, despite what the thermostat says, you are still getting stale, lukewarm air blowing into your home. This could be due to the refrigerant, temperature sensors, thermostat, drainage, and/or dirty filters. If you notice warm air from the return vents in your home, it’s time to call in a professional for an air conditioner repair.
Low Airflow: If your air conditioner isn’t cooling down your space adequately, the first thing you want to check is the return vent to see if you’re getting adequate airflow. Put your hand near the vent and feel for a rush of cool air. If you’re only getting a trickle, that’s a problem. This could be due to blockage in the ductwork, a clogged filter, or a broken motor. A qualified technician in New Albany, IN, can help you by identifying the issue and providing the right air conditioner repair to ensure you’re getting the best airflow where you need it most.
Frequent Cycles: You may notice your air conditioner turn on mid-morning and shut off partially throughout the day, this is normal functioning. If you notice your unit turning on and off several times within an hour, it’s time to get your system checked out by an air conditioner repair specialist. Frequent cycling could be an issue with the thermostat, the motor, or the fan – but it’s best to have your system evaluated so you know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it best.
High Humidity: In humid climates, like New Albany, IN, your air conditioner should remove the humidity inside your home. If it’s not working properly, this added moisture can cause big problems with the interior finishes, furniture, and electronics in your home. An air conditioner repair technician can diagnose and remedy humidity issues to ensure your home is protected.
Water Leaks or Pooling Water: Every air conditioner will create some level of condensation, but there should not be liquid accumulating or leaking out of the unit. Any water leaks or pools of water are a problem that needs an air conditioner repair as soon as possible. Sometimes leaks can cause serious damage to your home, so don’t wait to call.
Bad Odors: If you notice an odor coming from your air vents, it’s time to call an air conditioner repair professional quickly. Unpleasant odors from any part of your HVAC system can be difficult to detect and even harder to eliminate. This is why it’s important to turn off the unit and call for backup before it becomes seriously stinky.
Weird Noises: Most air conditioners make a small start-up noise and may hum while running, any banging, clanking, or slamming is a sign of a problem. Sudden sounds from your A/C are often an internal mechanical failure and indicate that it is time for a professional air conditioning repair.

If you’re still not sure whether you need an air conditioner repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call and describe the problem to us over the phone. We can help you know what to do every step of the way.

When to Replace Your A/C Unit

Age: A well-maintained unit may last up to 15 years, but anywhere between 10-15 years is worth considering replacing. At this age, it’s not worth paying for a repair when the life of the unit is nearly over.

High Repair Costs: Any time the air conditioner repair bill is close to (or more than) 50 percent of the cost of a new system, it may be worthwhile to consider a replacement. Even if you pay for the repair, you’ll likely be paying for a replacement soon anyway.

HVAC maintenance

Frequent Repairs: A reliable system should receive annual maintenance and stay free of repairs. If you have an air conditioner repair technician on your speed dial, it might be time to replace your unit with something more reliable.

Weird Sounds or Smells: You don’t want your unit to either scream or stink. Either one is often a sure sign that it’s time for a new unit. These can be caused by damage to internal parts, which is often better to be replaced rather than attempt an air conditioner repair.

Uses R-22 Refrigerant: R-22 Freon is an old version of refrigerant that is being phased out by the government. If your unit uses R-22 Freon, it will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Higher Energy Bills: If your energy bills are rising month after month, even though your temperature remains the same, it is because your AC is working harder than necessary. This is usually a sign that it’s time for an A/C replacement.

No Longer Properly Cools Your Home: If you are constantly having to adjust the thermostat and still, the house is just hot – your unit might be on the fritz. Sometimes an older unit simply can’t keep up with demand. If you are paying energy bills for an A/C that is not keeping your family comfortable, it might be time for an upgrade.

Benefits of Having a Well-Functioning Air Conditioner

A More Secure Home: If you’re too hot, you may be tempted to open a door or window to get a breeze through the house. With reliable A/C, you can keep your doors and windows closed and locked while staying comfortable and safe in your New Albany, IN, home.
Cool Place To Exercise: Air conditioning can help by providing a cool and comfortable environment for indoor exercise. If your home is at a comfortable temperature, you are more likely to hit the treadmill or free weights after work instead of the couch.
Fewer Insects And Parasites: Air conditioning filters are more effective in keeping bugs out to protect your family and keep the home cleaner.
Better Sleep: Catch some Zzzz’s with a comfortable place to sleep. The hum of an air conditioner and cooler temps in the home combine to give you the most relaxing sleep ever.
Stay Healthy: Air conditioners also keep the air cleaner by preventing the spread of bacteria, infections, and other contaminants from being distributed throughout the house, keeping us healthier.
Prevents Electronics From Overheating: Heat can do serious damage to electronics such as shortening their lifespan to losing data. This is why data centers have special air conditioning technology. Keeping your New Albany, IN, home comfortable protects your electronics as well.
Improves Work Performance: If you work from home, staying cool is even more important. A cool work environment improves your productivity by keeping your mind clear and ready to tackle the tasks for the day.
Reduces The Risk Of Dehydration: Lower temperatures mean less sweating and staying hydrated throughout the day.
Reduces The Risk Of Heat Stroke and Illness: Heat can be a major contributor to illness and death each year. Hundreds of people die each year from heat stroke, even when they aren’t outside. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that, “air conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat-related illness and death.”

Less Noise: Air conditioning creates a quiet home environment because you’re able to close the windows and doors and enjoy peace.
Reduced Possibility Of Asthma Attacks: Your indoor air conditioning system can make a huge impact on reducing levels of allergens and pollutants in the home, which can reduce the number of asthma attacks in vulnerable populations.

Why Allegiance Heating & Air, LLC is the Best Choice

Open Book Policy: We will explain everything in detail from the simplest repair to a major air conditioner installation. No fancy, technical terms. Just straight, honest answers.

Free second opinions: We offer free estimates and second opinions, so you have the confidence in knowing exactly what is right for you.

Continuous learning: We constantly and continuously seek out and learn about industry innovations and best practices. That way you get the best service in the business.

Beyond 100% Customer Satisfaction: Not only do we strive for complete customer happiness and satisfaction in all our repairs, but our mission is to provide the best service, so you feel comfortable referring to us again and again.

We Are the Cooling Experts

With Summertime in New Albany, IN, approaching, this is no time to neglect your home’s air conditioner. To ensure your family is safe and comfortable, it’s time to tune up your air conditioner and ensure it’s in tip-top shape. All air conditioner repairs and installations should always be performed by a professional HVAC technician to protect your home and your system. Be sure to schedule an air conditioner service appointment so you and your cooling system are ready for whatever Summer throws your way.