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You may be able to paint a room, install a ceiling fan, or even install your own cabinets, but some projects are best left to a professional HVAC contractor. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a delicate act between equipment, air flow, mechanics, and sometimes chemicals. A qualified and licensed HVAC contractor is essential to quality installations and repairs for your home heating and cooling in New Albany, IN.

Residential HVAC

When work is performed on your home’s HVAC system, working with a professional HVAC contractor in New Albany, IN is the best way to ensure that the repairs, installation, or maintenance is completed correctly and thoroughly. Working with a professional HVAC contractor is always best to improve longevity and functionality of your system. Attempting to complete DIY repairs or install can damage your home, harm your system, and most likely void your warranty.

HVAC Repair Service for Your Indiana Home

If your HVAC system has parts that are either damaged or defective, they can pose a serious threat. At best, an inefficient HVAC system will increase your monthly bills. At worst, it can cause harm to your home and family. These common HVAC problems can develop into much bigger concerns if not serviced early or taken care of correctly by an HVAC contractor in New Albany, IN.

  • Maintenance: When you invest thousands of dollars in your home’s heating and cooling system, it’s important to protect it. Costly breakdowns, increased energy cost, poor performance and frustration are often attributed to lack of regular maintenance. Using a maintenance program with a certified New Albany, IN HVAC contractor ensures that your system is in proper working order all year long.
  • Filters: A dirty filter restricts air flow, putting extra strain on your system. This can also cause the furnace to overheat and shut off. Replacing your filter regularly is one of the most important (and easiest) things to do for your HVAC system. Many company contractors will actually deliver filters to your house on a regular basis.
  • Fuses and Breakers: If your furnace trips the circuit breaker (especially if it’s happened more than once), it’s likely because the blower is overworking. This is often caused by something blocking the airflow. An HVAC contractor can safely determine the cause of the blockage and relieve the furnace from overworking.
  • Thermostats: Frequently, when a homeowner has a problem with the furnace, it’s often the thermostat to blame. Programmable thermostats may have batteries, which need to be replaced periodically or the thermostat may need to be upgraded by an HVAC contractor.
  • Furnace Noises: You may be able to hear air flowing through your furnace, but you shouldn’t ever hear banging, whining, or squealing. It is best to call in a certified HVAC contractor, as noises may be a warning of a significant problem or furnace failure.
  • Pilot or Ignition: Because the pilot light and ignition switches of most HVAC systems deal with both natural gas and high voltage electricity, it’s always best to call in a professional contractor. Generally, the problem is simply a dirty pilot, flame sensor, short cycling, furnace lockout, or an issue with the burner. You don’t ever want to deal with the hazardous nature of natural gas without proper training.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time, the mechanical components your heating simply wear out. This may include belts, bearings, and motors. As a result, you can experience overheating, poor heating, or airflow issues.
  • Dirty Coils: A dirty evaporator coil can cause significant issues to your system. You may be able to spray off the hoses on your outdoor unit, but extremely dirty coils will need to be cleaned by a trained service contractor.
  • Water Leaks: HVAC systems produce condensate and include a draining system. If the drains are clogged or cracked, you can end up with water around the base of your appliance. If you notice significant water issues, your contractor can determine the source of the water leak and repair options.

Ensuring your HVAC system is taken care of properly and professionally allows you the peace of mind knowing your home and family are safe, while saving money on costly repairs.

Professional HVAC Installation

If you have to repair your HVAC system frequently or have a repair estimate that is more than half the cost of a new unit, it’s time for a new HVAC installation. Deciding on the size, style, model, and type of new system you need can be overwhelming.

A licensed HVAC contractor can help you decide what unit to purchase, and take care of the installation process for you. A certified professional should always handle the installation of new systems to ensure the warranty is not voided by a DIY installation.

Using an HVAC contractor in New Albany, IN ensures that everything is installed correctly, your warranty is valid, and your system is in proper working condition to serve and protect your home and family. We can help with that; just contact us today for more information.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures your system works all year round, especially during peak seasons. There are a few things you can do yourself to take care of your unit, while other tasks are best left to a professional contractor.


A dirty air filter can cause major problems that only a professional HVAC contractor in New Albany, INcan fix.

  • Check and replace your air filters: Set a reminder to check and replace your air filter every 30-90 days, more often if you have pets. Purchase high-quality air filters that trap more particles than traditional filters.
  • Clean the outdoor unit: Every week or so, especially after stormy weather, remove dirt, sticks, leaves, or branches from around your outdoor unit to keep the space around it clear.
  • Clean your home: Wipe down registers and ducts as you do your regular home dusting and cleaning.
  • Listen: Pay attention to when your system kicks on, how long it stays on and if there are any unusual noises.
  • Give it a break: During the hot summer, help out your systems by turning on ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate air through the house and bring the temperature in your home down quicker. If possible, open your windows to circulate the cool air into the house and keep temperatures comfortable.

When and Why to Call a Professional Contractor

Other than the above recommendations, any other maintenance or repairs on your HVAC system should only be done by a licensed, professional HVAC contractor. There is good reason for this.

  1. Professional contractor experience is a big part of safely and successfully installing and repairing your HVAC equipment. Contractors often have years of training before they become experts in residential indoor comfort systems.
  2. Installation or repair without proper training may lead to damaged equipment, compromised system efficiency, and voided warranties.
  3. The handling of refrigerant, ventilation, and electrical components of HVAC systems are all regulated by national, regional, and/or local Indiana code laws. Handling these components without the proper contractor certifications can lead to much bigger problems than an HVAC repair.

HVAC systems are a major part of your home and represent a significant investment. While DIY may seem like a good idea to save a few bucks, the long-term consequences may end up costing you much more.

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