Regular maintenance is essential for both protecting the life of your HVAC system and ensuring it is working effectively. Both your heating and air conditioning systems should be maintained by a certified HVAC technician yearly. Neglecting this important maintenance will typically lead to higher energy costs, more frequent repair needs, and a shorter lifespan for your furnace and air conditioner. While you can always simply schedule a heating maintenance appointment every fall and an AC maintenance call every spring, signing up for our maintenance plan will provide you with many additional benefits and help keep you protected in case any issues arise.

Annual Heating and Cooling Tune-Up Services

Customers who sign up for our maintenance plan are entitled to one full heating tune-up and one full cooling tune-up every year. This tune-up service starts with inspecting every aspect of your HVAC system to ensure that there aren’t any issues that need to be repaired. Regular inspections are key for the life and health of your HVAC system as even minor issues can quickly spiral into much more serious problems. This means that if any repairs are needed, you’ll want to have them done as soon as possible before they lead to a much larger repair bill.

Our technicians will also fully clean all of your heating and cooling components, including the AC evaporator coil and condenser coil, blower fan, furnace burners, and flame sensor. Cleaning is also essential as dust and grime can impact both the efficiency and effectiveness of your furnace and air conditioner and lead to issues that put your HVAC system at risk of breaking down or suffering major damage.

A dirty evaporator coil will often start to develop ice and eventually freeze up completely. Should this happen, your AC won’t produce any cool air until you shut the system off and wait for the coil to thaw. A frozen evaporator coil also puts lots of additional stress on the AC condenser and could lead to liquid refrigerant flowing back out to the AC compressor. This is a serious issue as it will often cause the compressor motor to burn out, which usually means you’ll need to replace your entire AC unit.

A dirty flame sensor or clogged gas burners can also lead to numerous issues with your furnace. If the flame sensor gets too coated in soot and grime, it will lead to the furnace only ever running for a few seconds before shutting down. This is because the flame sensor is a safety measure that works to ensure gas won’t continue to flow if the burners aren’t lit. A dirty sensor often can’t detect that the burners are lit, which means the gas valve will close and the furnace will almost immediately shut down after lighting.

Dirty burners are also an issue as they will both prevent the furnace from producing nearly as much heat and cause a slight delay in ignition. If the burners don’t light immediately, gas will start to fill the combustion chamber and lead to a dangerous fireball or small explosion once the burners do finally light. While an ignition delay isn’t likely to cause your furnace to explode, it can still seriously damage the unit’s electrical wiring or potentially cause the heat exchanger to crack.

Dirt and grime can cause serious issues for your HVAC blower as well. If the blower isn’t cleaned regularly, it will often need to work much harder to circulate air throughout the home. This can lead to the bearings wearing out more quickly or potentially cause the entire blower motor to burn out and need replacing.

Lower Energy Costs and Extended Lifespan for Your HVAC Units

If you don’t have your HVAC system maintained regularly, your energy costs will start to rise higher and higher. This is because many of the issues we just looked at will limit how much heat or cooling your system produces. As a result, your system will need to run for much longer to fully heat or cool your home. Not only does this mean that your energy costs will be higher, but it also means your furnace and air conditioner will experience greater wear and tear. If your heating or cooling system isn’t working efficiently and needs to run much longer, it also likely won’t last nearly as long.

Improved Safety

Yearly inspections and maintenance will help to ensure that your HVAC system is working safely to prevent potential hazards. This is especially important for gas furnaces as there are a variety of issues that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks and/or a risk of fire or explosion. For this reason, our technicians will check that all of the safety controls are working as they should, and we’ll also inspect your gas lines and gas valves to ensure there are no leaks or other issues.

We will check that your furnace’s heat exchanger isn’t cracked and the exhaust flue is venting properly to ensure carbon monoxide can’t leak back into the home. Inspecting the wiring and electrical connections is essential for ensuring that there are no shorts or other issues that could create a fire risk.

Discounted Repairs

If our technicians do discover any issues during the inspection or any problems arise at any other time, signing up for our maintenance plan also means you’ll receive discounts on any necessary repairs. Our maintenance plan members always receive a 15% discount on both parts and labor fees, which can save you quite a bit should you ever need any repairs. This means that our maintenance plan will often end up paying for itself should any major repairs be required.

Priority Scheduling and Free Service Calls

Another advantage of our maintenance plan is that you’ll never have to pay any additional fees should you need a service call during normal hours. If an emergency arises outside of normal hours, you will receive a discount on our normal after-hour rates.

Maintenance plan members also receive priority scheduling, which can be a huge bonus should you need any repairs in the middle of summer or winter when HVAC companies are by far the busiest. In many cases, you would normally need to wait for a few days or even weeks before someone can come to look at your system, which means you could be left to suffer in the cold or heat. However, if you’re a member of our maintenance plan, we will always put you at the top of the list and make sure that we can schedule your service call as soon as we possibly can.

Greenville’s HVAC Experts

At Allegiance Heating & Air, LLC, our technicians specialize in heating and cooling maintenance and all types of HVAC repairs for both residential and commercial systems. If you’re looking to replace your old AC or furnace, we can help you choose which new model is best for your home and install it correctly and according to code. We also install and service a variety of indoor air quality equipment that can help you to breathe more easily and prevent potential health risks. If you have any questions about our maintenance plan or need to schedule a service call in the Greenville or Louisville areas, give us a call today.

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